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Paydro helps you from small to big

by organizing your online ticket sales perfectly.


Professional shop

Create a shop in the design of your event. Tickets with a barcode are sent free to your customer. Give out promocodes for discounts. Ask additional questions on registration, to capture workshop choices for example.

Accept online payments

Accept invoice payments

40% of internationa purchases is still made on invoice. Reminders for invoice past due payments are sent automatically once a week. This saves you a lot of time.

Promo codes

Give discounts or show special products that standard customers can't see. Each code has unique link to use in mailings.

Social Promotion

Increase your sales. Let your customers promote your event on all popular social media or invite friends and colleagues via email.

Access control

Scan the barcode on the ticket. You know exactly who is already inside.

Self service

Changing the name on the ticket or adding a PO number on the invoice can be done by the customers themselves, using the self service panel.

Refund or voucher

With one action, send a credit invoice or refund an online payment. Do you want to provide more service for late cancellations, you can do so with vouchers. Your customer can pay with the voucher, for the next event.

Perfect for exhibitions, workshops, conferences


Are you with someone on the line and you want to make a deal? It is simply done. With the telesales mode the shop, you can adjust the prices. Your client decides how he pays.

Multi event management

In one overview you can see how all your events are performing. Tickets, sales and outstanding invoices.

Business Network

Networking is for most visitors the main reason to go to B2B events. Maar wie should they meet? With the Paydro Event Network we solve this. Browse through the LinkedIn profiles and send a message from the network.

Network reporting

Learn all about your visitor. With the Paydro Network report you'll get valuable profile information; where they come from, where they work, in which positions and industries.


Link Paydro to your own system or website.
API documentation

Track your customers and campaigns

Paydro has full Google Analytics ecommerce and Adwords campaign tracking integration. So you know exactly which traffic converts best.

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